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Web Services

Our web division offers comprehensive website design and development services (from front-end design for professional visual appeal, to back-end programming for dynamic function).  We’ve been developing highly effective websites and strategic eMarketing plans since 1999.

Whether you are in need of a startup site, a makeover of an existing site or a comprehensive plan for marketing your site…we have the latest in web technologies to bring your site to new heights.

1. New Website Design
2. Website Makeover
3. Dynamic Web Development
File Mgmt Systems
Deliver and manage important files more effectively, through a custom web-based utility. Supports a variety of files, including complete folders.

Built-in file backups and archive system.

You don’t need to carry a jump-drive with you anymore.

Content Mgmt Systems
Manage important data more efficiently with a custom CMS application.  Insert, edit, delete, view and search for data records.

Update your own site content, with all the advanaced formatting and stylizing features of familiar desktop apps like Word®.

Customize your text: font color, font size, font style, bold, italic, underline, justify, bullets, indents, hyperlinks, and much more).

Increase your overall business revenue by integrating eCommerce on your website. We’ll develop a custom interface with functions that suit your services or products.
Photo Galleries / Project Portfolios
Display your featured products, projects or services in a Flash® photo gallery or portfolio. Let your work speak for itself.

Slideshow-style thumbnail navigation with custom image captions and sub-gallery orgainzation.

User / Member Registrations
Manage your users, members, customers or employees online with a custom built Registration package (includes advanced Register, User Profile, Login/out, Forget Password protocol). Customize pertinent data that you wish to manage for your users.